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When you need professional paver repair in Palm Coast, FL, call the experts at Elite Power Washing. We use attention to detail and quality craftsmanship to make your pavers look new again. Call us today at  +1 (386) 854-3388 

In spite of the solid and durable nature of pavers, they are subject to cracking, sinking, or becoming loose. At Elite Power Washing, we can repair pavers by cleaning, sealing, and restoring them. We provide free in home consultations with written estimates and affordable pricing.

Our experts can fix any problems that arise with your natural stone, clay, and concrete pavers. We can help boost curb appeal by maintaining and repairing pavers on your entire property. Our paver repair services can restore the natural beauty of your patio, driveway, or walkway.

Paver Repair Palm Coast

Old or damaged pavers can lose their shine and luster over time. Even the most experienced DIY homeowner can find it challenging to fix their pavers. If you want lasting results, it’s important to do the job right the first time.

At Elite Power Washing, we provide expert paver repair services to restore pavers to their original beauty. Our team can perform repairs around your home, including the pool or patio area. No matter how small or large, we can handle any paver repair project.

Pavers that consist of low-quality materials are more prone to damage. Fortunately, our team uses the best tools, equipment, and materials in the industry to protect and renew your pavers. The most common paver repairs include chipping, cracking, breaking, and root intrusions.

When you schedule a service, our team will inspect the area thoroughly and make the necessary repairs. We can ensure your pavers remain stable and stay in place. If you need skilled paver repair for your Palm Coast home, give us a call.

Paver Installation Palm Coast

Paver installation is a challenging task that requires a professional touch. The easiest way to guarantee the best results is to work with an experienced paver installation company in Palm Coast. At Elite Power Washing, we have the experience and training to make stunning outdoor spaces.

Adding a paver driveway to your home adds character and charm. Most concrete driveways cannot match the look you can achieve with decorative pavers. Our experts can create a customized design that matches your home’s architectural features.

If you’re looking to upgrade your yard, a paver walkway or patio is a popular choice. You can customize the area by choosing pavers in a wide range of colors and patterns. We can also show you the latest on trend paver designs.

Our team can handle all aspects of paver installation, including preparation, sanding, and sealing. Compared to flat concrete walkways, pavers also offer better slip resistance. If you want to transform your property with paver installation, we can help.

Sinking Pavers

Pavers can last for decades if they are properly installed and maintained. Incorrectly installed pavers can shift, settle excessively, and sink. Sinking pavers are dangerous as they pose tripping hazards.

Our Elite Power Washing team provides reliable sinking paver repair in Palm Coast, FL. A sunken area indicates an improper sand compacting process during installation. A contractor may have missed drainage issues if you notice water or puddles around the pavers.

Removing sinking pavers is tricky, but we have tools designed specifically for this job. Before leveling the base, we will ensure the pavers can withstand weight and weather changes. Then, we compact the sand to ensure surface grading.

Afterward, we replace the pavers and apply pressure to hold them in place. Our experts will replace and install the new pavers the right way. If you have sinking pavers, give our friendly team a call.

Paver Restoration Palm Coast

If your pavers have sustained damage, you may wonder if replacement is the only option. Our experts can revive your pavers using professional restoration techniques. We offer cost-effective restoration for pavers that have cracked, shifted, or become loose.

The best investment you can make in your home is to update and restore pavers. Outdoor spaces become more pleasant to relax in if you have well maintained pavers. Keeping your paver patio looking new is easy with our restoration services.

When you call us for paver restoration, we will visit your home to examine the pavers and find the source of the damage. We then apply polymeric sand between your pavers to stabilize the surface. The sand will prevent paver erosion during the Palm Coast rainy season.

Our team uses sealant on pavers to prevent staining, accidental damage, and color fading. We ensure your pavers stay in top shape. When you need dependable paver restoration, you can rely on us.

Weeds in Joints

Pavers installed without proper techniques can grow unsightly weeds in joints. Sometimes seeds fall into the spaces between pavers, which can sprout weeds. The best defense to reduce and prevent weeds is regular paver maintenance.

At Elite Power Washing, we can help remove weeds from the pavers on your Palm Coast property. During installation, the type of sand used on the pavers plays a vital role. The sand tightens and stops weeds from growing between the joints.

Polymeric sand offers long-term erosion and weed resistance by creating a superior bond. Our team can inspect your pavers to check if the sand needs replacement. Over time, polymeric sand may become soft or weather away.

Homeowners can use weed-killing sprays on weeds that are only a few inches tall if the sand is still in good shape. Our team can safely remove the weeds without damaging your pavers. If you notice weeds growing on your pavers, call us now.

Work with an Experienced Paver Repair Company That Palm Coast Trusts

At Elite Power Washing, we provide quality paver repair, installation, and maintenance services in Palm Coast, FL. Our team can renew and refresh your pavers to restore their natural state. We provide exceptional service with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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