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If you’ve lived in your home for many years, you might notice your paver driveways, patios, pool decks, or walkways becoming dull or damaged over time. Many homeowners receive paver installation from independent contractors or try to complete the job themselves. However, amateurs and inexperienced contractors may not use the proper sealant to keep the beauty of the pavers restored.

Hiring experts for paver restoration in palm coast, FL, offers a solution for the degrading aesthetic of your brick and concrete pavers. Our Elite Power Washing professionals are the top rated paver experts in the area, providing quality services and transparent pricing. Call today to restore your home’s pavers.

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What Is Paver Restoration?

In paver restoration, professionals use polymeric sanding and other techniques to wear away the seal on pavers. Afterward, they clean and seal brick and concrete pavers, stain removed, restoring their original cleanliness and aesthetic.

These services are only necessary for homes where unqualified contractors or homeowners installed the original pavers. As a result, it’s essential to enlist paver restorations in palm coast, FL, from experienced professionals with a successful track record.

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Why Is Paver Restoration Necessary?

Poorly or unprofessionally installed pavers won’t have the right seal to preserve their look. Over time, moisture exposure without a proper seal causes whiting, wherein the color and look of the pavers fade. Additionally, vegetation, mosses, and mold will grow between the cracks of pavers over time.

In hot and humid climates like FL, excessive moisture and sunlight can cause whiting and vegetation more quickly than in other areas. Restoration services are the only way to restore the aesthetic of your paved walkways, driveways, and outdoor living spaces.

Who Should Perform Paver PAtio Restoration?

Since paver restoration attempts to salvage incorrectly installed paved areas, only qualified professionals should perform these services. While considering any paver experts, check reviews and talk to previous customers to confirm the quality of their work.

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Common Home Areas That Use Pavers

Pavers are useful materials for outdoor spaces. As one of the most popular outdoor building materials, you may not even realize that you have paver walkways, drivers, or patios. Thus, any outdoor walkway or area made of brick, stone, or concrete pieces puzzle together might require the restoration of paver in palm coast, FL.

Some common outdoor paver spaces include:

  • Paver driveway
  • Paver patio
  • Paver walkway
  • Pool decks
  • Garden paths

Processes Involved in Paver Restoration

The three primary processes involved in paver restoration involve dangerous equipment and chemicals, making them suitable only for professionals.

Paver Cleaning

Before restoration processes can occur, professionals must perform paver cleaning. Depending on the material of your paved outdoor spaces, our experts may use hot water or pressure cleaning to eliminate mold, bacteria, and other contaminants. The cleaning process adequately prepares your pavers for restoration and increases their durability and lifespan.

Paver Restoration
After cleaning your pavers, our professionals remove their original and incorrect seal. Then, our expert paver restorers use polymeric sanding to seal the joints of your pavers, providing long- term protection against weed, mold, and vegetation growth. After applying an adequate layer of polymeric sand, we can move on to the resealing process.

Paver Sealing
Sealers are the final step to protecting your pavers from long-term damage and disrepair. Various types of sealers can protect and enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor paved areas. Clear sealers provide the same protective benefits without changing the aesthetic of your paved areas. Other sealer enhance the look of your hardscape pavers, bringing out their now clean color and texture.

How Paver Restoration Benefits Your Outdoor Hardscape

Professional paver restoration provides several benefits for your property. First, these services restore the look of all your outdoor paved areas.

Restoration of paver in palm coast, FL, also removes contaminants that can degrade the materials of your pavers over time. Fortify your outdoor areas by hiring professionals for these services today.

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